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Artikelnummer: 9783775745574

[Fotos: Draschan, Stefan]
[Text: Ullrich, Wolfgang]
[Kruse, Saskia]
Reihe: Geschenkbuch
120 Seiten
80 Abb.
von 2019

Some individuals strikingly resemble the art they are viewing, and Stefan Draschan has developed a special perspective of these picturesque correspondences. While strolling through the museums of Europe, Draschan captured similarities between the works of art and the people looking at them, noticing similar colors, patterns, hairdos, or physical posture. . The series, which he began working on in 2015, initially started with photo competitions by the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin and the magazine art Das Kunstmagazin. It immediately took off on the Internet, where the international communities on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram have liked and shared his photographs millions of times. Exhibitions followed, and now the latest pictures from the series are being published in a light-hearted gift book.

Stefan Draschan is a photographer, bicycle activist, and flaneur. Born in Austria in 1979, he commutes between Vienna, Berlin, Naples, and Paris. Besides the series People Matching Artworks, he has published other successful blogs on photo series, such as People Sleeping in Museums, People Touching Artworks and Cars Matching Homes.

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